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Interfacial Rheology – Double Wall Ring “DWR”

Thursday, June 16th, 2022
10:30 am – 12:00 pm CET

In this webinar you will learn rheological characterization of the interface with the DWR cell and the Exchange cell.

In recent years, the interfacial rheological study in shear of a thin liquid layer and monolayers composed of particles, surfactants or macromolecules has continued to progress, both in the world of food products, biomedical or the petroleum industry. Interfacial rheology has already been explored thanks to dedicated cells such as the Du-Noüy ring or the bicone, each of which has its limits. The Double Wall Ring (DWR) Cell offered by TA Instruments makes it possible to study interfaces more precisely and over a greater dynamic measurement range.

The results obtained on different samples reveal the possibility of measuring both viscous and viscoelastic interfaces both on flow tests and with experiments in dynamic oscillation, even at large deformation amplitudes (LAOS). The new Interfacial Exchange Cell expands these possibilities by allowing continuous addition before or during the measurement, making it possible to vary the pH of the solution, change the concentration, or simply add a compound to the water (protein, surfactant, enzymes, …).

M. Leandro Jacomine from the Charles Sadron Institute at the University of Strasbourg, has used this accessory and will present several examples of applications:

• Gelation of alginates interfaces by CO2 acidification in the gaseous phase (liquid/gas interface)

• Silicone-gel skins with controllable properties (liquid/liquid interface)

• Polyelectrolytes multi-layers with the liquid exchange system for interfacial rheology

The event is held via TEAMS. Participation is free of charge.


About The Speakers

Leandro Jacomine.jpg

Leandro Jacomine is PhD graduate from INSA Strasbourg and completed his Postdoc at the Charles Sadron Institute (ICS – Strasbourg). He continues his activity at ICS as a CNRS engineer in materials characterization. He is now in charge of the mechanical measurement platform dedicated to the study of the interfaces of soft matter and the development of innovative measurement techniques around this equipment.

David ISRAEL - Photo d’identité.jpg

David Israel is Engineer of Applications in Rheology at TA Instruments. He is based in France.


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