Free Online Dynamic Vapour Sorption Analysis (DVS or SA) Training

The online course is designed to give a basic overview of gravimetric sorption theory & technology. Focus is on the Discovery SA but will also be applicable to the Q5000SA, NOT the IsoSORP SA.  The presentation is aimed at new and intermediate users looking to obtain a greater understanding of the instrument technology, method optimisation and data analysis.  It would also be useful for people interested in finding out what sort of information can be obtained from SA.

Overall, the course will cover the following topics:
  • It discusses the performance checks that can be made
  • Starting points for the development of experimental methodologies
  • Method optimisation will be discussed with respect to the sample and the method
  • An overview of typical analysis being carried will be given along with some discussion of the advanced techniques available

About The Lecturer

Els Verdonck.jpg

Els Verdonck is a Senior Applications Scientist with TA Instruments. She received her degree in Chemical Engineering and her PhD from Brussels University (VUB) in Belgium, where she specialized in polymer characterization. Her research was focused on studying interphasial effects in composites and investigating thermoset cure kinetics. She joined TA Instruments in 1998, for providing application support and training to customers, as well as organizing material characterization seminars.

Philip Davies.png

Dr. Philip Davies is a Principal Applications Scientist for TA Instruments supporting the Thermal Analysis range of products.  Following completion of a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a strong bias towards materials science, he carried out a PhD into polymer performance and decomposition.  This was followed by an academic career as a Senior Research Fellow investigating a range of materials performance applications.  Throughout all his research, thermal analysis has been central to the materials characterization and novel material development. In 2005 he joined TA Instruments as an Applications Scientist.  Within this role Philip provides support to our customers and partners.


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