Thermal analysis in the pharmaceutical industry: Use of TGA, SA and DSC in research, development, and quality control

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023
11 am - 12.30 pm CET

The pharmaceutical industry is an important economic factor and employer. No other branch of industry invests as much in research and development as the pharmaceutical industry, measured in terms of sales. The development of new active ingredients, whether chemically defined or based on natural products, the expansion of the area of application or the optimization of the production process and storage requires fast methods for characterizing the materials.
In our one-hour life seminar, after the presentation of the techniques of thermogravimetry (TGA), sorption analysis (SA) and differential scanning calorimetry, application examples from different areas are addressed, such as:
  • TGA: Determination of the thermal and oxidative stability, quantification of the composition, Evolved gas analysis (EGA) to identify residual solvents, impurities, or decomposition products.
  • SA: stability under humidity, detection of phase transformations under humidity, hygroscopic classification.
  • DSC: Detection and quantification of amorphous and crystalline components, determination of purity, compatibility of active ingredient and carrier material, optimization of freeze-drying processes.


Monika Schennen

Monika Schennen is a chemical engineer with a focus on instrumental analysis. She has been working in the application of TA Instruments for over 20 years and supports our customers in the area of ​​DSC and TGA with regard to application and software questions. Her work focuses on customer training.


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