Analytical Solutions for Sustainable Polymers: From R&D to End-of-Life Considerations

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Arizona State University
Skysong Innovation

1475 N Scottsdale Rd #200
Global Room #201
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
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Plastic materials are increasingly the focus of public attention for a variety of reasons - waste management and health concerns from microplastics are amongst the top of the list. For polymer scientists and engineers, this presents an opportunity to create a more sustainable future by developing materials that can compete with the performance, convenience and cost-effectiveness of plastics. In addition, strategies for large-scale recycling and re-use of polymeric materials from the existing waste stream requires significant advancements in how they are handled at the end-of-life.

Along this journey, researchers leverage a variety of analytical techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core properties of their materials. This data facilitates sustainable material development – whether it is benchmarking of bio-sourced polymers against conventional polymers, designing compatibilizers that can tolerate mixed plastic waste streams, or validating the efficiency of microorganisms and catalysts in breaking down plastic waste.

Join us in-person for this free one-day event to learn about the analytical solutions that are driving sustainable polymers research. Topics will range from designing for recyclability, green chemistry, biopolymers, and mechanical and chemical recycling. Space is limited, so register today!


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Presentation Topics & Speakers

Fundamentals of Materials Characterization: Introduction to DSC, TGA, DMA, Rheology Testing

~ TA Instruments

Application of Analytical Testing for Polymer Characterization – An Introduction

~ TA Instruments

Coupling Photochemistry with DSC and Rheological Measurements: Accelerating Discovery of Sustainable Products and Processes

~ Professor Tim Long, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Probing Thermomechanical Response of In Situ Cross-Linked Polyolefins

~ Professor Caitlin Sample, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Using Light Scattering and Online Viscometry in Polymer Characterization

~ Jeffrey A. Ahlgren, Ph.D., Wyatt Technology

Polymers and Recycling: Being Single in a Poly World

~ Rachel Behrens, Ph.D., University of California - Santa Barbara

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