Bring Simplicity, Accuracy, and Uniformity to Your Coatings Testing

Thursday, August 11th, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

If your lab is running the same tests over and over again, or has multiple users running the same tests, you want consistency in your testing process.

TRIOS AutoPilot is a powerful tool for extending the capabilities of the TA Instruments Discovery Hybrid Rheometers. AutoPilot can control the rheometer and guide the operator through the testing procedure, ensuring tests are performed exactly the same way each time they are run, in one lab or across multi-site labs in your organization. Post-testing analyses and reporting make analyzing your data easier than ever.

This presentation will demonstrate how AutoPilot can be used to streamline flow testing of a typical coating and produce the subsequent data analysis. Although this example focuses on coatings, AutoPilot can be extended to many other tests and applications to enhance your rheometer’s capabilities and ensure accuracy and uniformity.

During this seminar we will discuss:

  • Basic concepts of AutoPilot scripting
  • Analysis of the script that will be used in the demo
  • Use of the script to guide the rheological test on the coating
  • Use of the script to perform post test analysis and produce a report


Greg Kamykowski, PhD

Greg Kamykowski is a senior applications scientist for TA Instruments. He has a BS in chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Wisconsin, where he studied under the well known rheologist, Professor John Ferry. He is a member of the Society of Rheology, the Society of Plastics Engineers, and ASTM.


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