Accelerate your battery development by combining multiple calorimetry techniques
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Safer because tests are non-destructive

TAM Micro XL testing of whole battery cells is safe because batteries testing is non destructive. Battery cells can be recovered for follow-up analyses.

Sensitivity to elucidate the smallest electrochemical reactions

TAM is highest resolution calorimeter for detection of the smallest reactions that rob the battery of its useful life. Quantify the differences in batteries under user specified environmental conditions and temperature.

The TAM IV Micro XL is a large-cell, precision calorimeter that was specifically designed to aid researchers in measuring the electrochemical reactions occurring inside of battery cells. Characterizing these reactions is critical to developing a safer battery with longer shelf life and higher energy density. The TAM IV Micro XL compliments the existing range of calorimeters for the TAM IV thermostat, and in combination with other calorimeters will aid development of advanced battery technologies.

The 20 ml Microcalorimeter is a heat flow calorimeter of twin type. It has been designed to hold large samples, (e.g. batteries) and for experiments requiring a large gas phase above the sample. The microcalorimeter can be used with all 20 ml static ampoules and the 20 ml micro reaction system including titration facilities and control of the relative humidity during measurement.

The 20ml Microcalorimeter is also the only calorimeter that can be used with the micro solution ampoule. This ampoule is designed for dissolution of very small amounts of solids (a few mg) in different solvents and is ideal for dissolution of slowly soluble substances. The heat of dissolution and the kinetics of dissolution can be studied.


How using the Microcalorimeters together will benefit your lab:

Versatility to handle a wide range of battery sizes, throughputs, and environmental conditions

Capable of testing multiple different battery shapes, sizes, and form factors, simultaneously. Testing battery component compatibility is possible, to assess materials prior to whole battery fabricating and testing. Batteries and components can be tested under application specific environmental conditions. Charge cycler integration allows for battery charge-discharge testing.

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Learn how the calorimeter package below will allow your lab the versatility to test multiple different batteries’ shapes, sizes and form factors simultaneously.

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