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Field upgradable to include an autosampler: More data to drive decision making.

When automated, the Nano DSC and Affinity ITC are efficiency-increasing tools that aid in next-level quality design and offer peace of mind throughout development and into clinical phases. The Nano DSC should be a part of every discovery, formulation and R&D testing panel for investigation of novel vaccines, treatments, and testing for COVID-19.

Complete characterization of molecular binding and structure stability

Structure stability, binding affinity, and reaction kinetics are basic chemical characteristics that are required to understand the functional and therapeutic properties of a drug. Reproducible and sensitive tools inform critical decisions.

The Affinity ITC is a powerful tool for measuring a wide variety of molecular interactions. It provides both inexperienced and advanced ITC users the highest confidence in generating superior ITC data.

Temperature Stability (Standard Volume): 50 µ °C at 25 °C

Features of the Affinity ITC

  • AccuShot™ delivers the titrant to the right location for the best mixing
  • FlexSpin™ provides innovative slow speed stirring, efficient mixing and highest sensitivity
  • Fully automated, user-selectable system cleaning routines eliminate run-to-run contamination
  • Intelligent Hardware Positioning for precise reliable injections
  • Solid-state active heating and cooling for true isothermal temperature control
  • Choice of standard volume (1.0 mL) or low volume cells (190 µL)
  • Industry proven 96-well, temperature-controlled liquid handling autosampler.
  • Autosampler can be included with initial purchase or added at a later date
  • Powerful ITCRun and NanoAnalyze for the most comprehensive suite of tools for method optimization, model fitting, batch analysis, graphing and data export.

The Nano DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed to characterize the molecular stability of dilute in-solution biomolecules. The Nano DSC obtains data using less sample than competitive designs. Solid-state thermoelectric elements are used to precisely control temperature and a built-in precision linear actuator maintains constant or controlled variable pressure in the cell. Automated, unattended continuous operation with increased sample throughput is achieved with the optional Nano DSC Autosampler.

Temperature Range: -10 °C to 130 °C

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The Nano ITC Standard Volume and Nano ITC Low Volume isothermal titration calorimeters are designed to provide maximum sensitivity and flexibility for the study of biomolecular binding. Both instruments use solid state thermoelectric heating and cooling systems to precisely control temperature, and have the same flexible injection syringe assemblies for efficient and accurate delivery of titrant. The true isothermal power compensation design of the Nano ITC instruments provides the highest sensitivity and flexibility for an ultrasensitive ITC analyzing biological samples in-solution.

Temperature Range (Standard Volume): 2 °C to 80 °C


How using ITC and DSC techniques together will benefit your lab:

Ease of use and increased efficiency

Samples and Products tested on the Nano DSC and Affinity ITC are label-free, and do not rely on careful immobilization onto the surface of a chip or sensor. Thus, minimal or zero sample preparation is required, which saves time, reduces sample preparation errors, and eliminates optimization of background chemistry (i.e. fluorescence tuning, signal saturation, antibody specificity, etc.).

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Learn how the instrument package below will accelerate your biomolecular drug development and offer peace of mind throughout development and into clinical phases.

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