Redefine your lab with superior dynamic data, versatility, and ease of use

Get up to $30,000* worth of accessories when you purchase a new Discovery Hybrid Rheometer!

Discovery Hybrid Rheometers

The new Discovery Hybrid Rheometers are designed for scientists who need to obtain better rheological data, under the widest range of measurement conditions, collected by more users, with less training.


Obtain clearer data

Get deeper insight to product performance, storage stability, and processing behavior using less sample, even on samples with lower viscosities and weaker structure.

Accomplish more with less training

Intuitive TRIOS software enables easy data collection for all users, and the One Touch Away™ touchscreen places key instrument features right at your fingertips.

Experience unmatched versatility

Replicate demanding environmental conditions, incorporate complementary simultaneous measurements, or extending beyond conventional shear rheology.

Increase productivity

TRIOS AutoPilot is a premium feature that allows users to quickly and easily create automated routines to improve data precision and reduce operator training time.

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Revolutionary Torque Sensitivity

All Discovery Hybrid Rheometers feature TA’s patented Magnetic Thrust Bearing which reduces basic system friction by 70% compared to traditional designs. By eliminating the contributions of high pressure, turbulent air flow from the measurement system, lower torques can be measured reliably and accurately.

Smart Swap Geometry Recognition

The NEW Smart Swap™ 2 geometry system features an all new system for optical information storage and transfer. This system provides greater storage and durability than chip-based systems. When attached, the complete geometry information, including unique dimensions is automatically detected and the software is appropriately configured.

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All new measurement capabilities

Expand the utility of your rheometer with these new temperature systems and accessories:

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* Get $10,000 USD towards accessories with the purchase of an HR-10, $20,000 USD with the purchase of an HR-20, and $30,000 USD with the purchase of an HR-30. Some exclusions apply. Please contact your local TA representative for more details. Offers are valid until June 24, 2022.