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Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of DSC technology and a new level of user experience.

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Revolutionary New Fusion Cell™

Revolutionary new Fusion Cell™ further improves the performance on which you’ve come to rely. Better sensitivity, resolution, repeatability and industry leading baseline performance, enable detection of the weakest thermal transitions and the most accurate enthalpy and specific heat capacity.

Powerful TRIOS Software

Discover powerful TRIOS software that delivers exceptional user experience in a combined package for instrument control, data analysis and reporting for thermal analysis and rheology. New features such as automated calibration routines, multiple calibration sets, real-time test method editing, and inter-laboratory data and test method sharing provide unmatched flexibility, while one-click analysis and custom reporting raise productivity to new levels.

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RCS 120 Refrigerated Cooling System

Save money by taking advantage of the convenient new RCS 120 Refrigerated Cooling System. The RCS 120 provides enhanced safety and is the only liquid nitrogen-free system capable of conducting experiments down to -120°C.

Modulated DSC®

Gain confidence in data interpretation with the help of MDSC®*, now standard on all Discovery DSC models. Through deconvolution of the Total Heat Flow signal, events such as a glass transition masked under an evaporation peak, or the simultaneous occurrence of a cold crystallization with a melt, are easily revealed.

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High Throughput DSC Autosampler

It’s hard to believe we could improve on the most reliable DSC autosampler on the market, but we did! The new linear autosampler was designed to be even more rugged and simpler to use than ever before.

Accessorize For Success

The industry leading heat flow performance of any Discovery DSC is complimented by the Microscope Accessory that can capture still images and video of the sample’s visual appearance during the test. Monitor the impact of UV light with the Photocalorimeter Accessory (PCA) that permits characterization of photocuring materials. Quickly and easily prepare samples for testing with the patented TZero Press and Pans, the TZero Powder Sample Prep Kit, and New Sample Cutting Kit.

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