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Discovery DSC

  • New FusionCell™ with patented technology for unrivaled baseline flatness, sensitivity, and resolution
  • Exclusive Tzero® heat flow technology for ultimate DSC performance
  • Unmatched baseline stability that requires no subtractions
  • New linear 54-position autosampler

Discovery TGA

  • New ultrasensitive proprietary Tru-Mass™ thermobalance
  • The most accurate real-time data
  • Superior atmosphere control to meet the most demanding applications
  • Rugged & reliable automation

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2021-01-WF-Q1 Trade In Promotion-SDT.png

Discovery SDT

  • Simultaneous DSC/TGA
  • Advanced modes for heat capacity, kinetic studies, and better resolution
  • Horizontal dual-beam design for superior heat flow and weight measurements
  • New 30-position autosampler with programmable tray positions

Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

  • Characterize samples with lower viscosities & weaker structure, while using less sample with superior precision and more sensitive measurements.
  • Accomplish more with less training with easy-to-use, intuitive user interactions with popular One Touch Away touchscreen and new TRIOS Express software.
  • Experience unmatched versatility by replicating demanding environmental conditions, incorporating complementary simultaneous measurements, or extending beyond conventional shear rheology.

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