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The Academic Matching Grant program is designed to make TA Instruments’ high-performing equipment affordable for academic institutions. We value our academic customers who develop new materials, novel applications, publications, and most importantly, talented graduates that will fill future roles in industry. There are many reasons to invest in a TA Instruments system detailed in the page below. We will work hard to earn your business, and even harder to make sure you are satisfied with your investment in TA Instruments products. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!


Jianqing Bennett
President, TA Instruments

Why Choose TA?


Commitment to Academia

TA has a long history of cooperative effort with academia. Over the last 10+ years, we have facilitated placement of state-of-the-art instruments in academic laboratories worldwide. The Top 30 Academic institutions, ranked by total R&D spending, are all TA customers*.


Academic Matching Grant Program

AMG is a unique opportunity to enhance your laboratory’s capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment. For more than a decade, almost 5,000 academic institutions have taken advantage of the Academic Matching Grant Program.

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Distinguished Young Rheologists

The Distinguished Young Rheologist program is designed to help accelerate the research of new academics through grants for rheometer systems. Award recipients are nominated by an international panel of the most established and respected academic researchers from the Society of Rheology.

Powerful New Products

Over the last 3 years, TA has introduced 19 new products and accessories

TA is the world leader in Thermal Analysis, Rheology, and Microcalorimetry because of our sustained investment in research and development. That investment ensures that our products remain the industry leaders in technology and product quality.

Excellent Support

Our Academic Support Plan is the lowest cost full-coverage warranty available anywhere, and is designed to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize uptime and product life.

More Perks:

  • FREE tuition to our regularly scheduled Theory & Applications Training Courses
  • 10% discount on supplies & consumables

“The technical support has always been outstanding. We really appreciate the fact that we have been able to call up tech support to speak DIRECTLY to a very knowledgeable service engineer / scientist, and have our problems solved if not there and then (sometimes), then in a matter of days at most.”

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Customer Satisfaction

Our systems are utilized on a daily basis in over 30,000 industrial laboratories and academic institutions around the world. We asked our customers for feedback on our products and services, and here is what they said!

97% Chart

Are satisfied with our products and services

97% Chart

Would purchase from us again

97% Chart

Will recommend TA to others

*NSF. Academic Institution Profiles – Rankings by Total R&D Expenditures.
**Customer Loyalty/Net Promoter Score and Satisfaction Study – Manufacturers. (27 companies, 1957 responses, 39 for TA Instruments) K.C. Associates October 2016.

In a recent 3rd party Customer Loyalty survey**, TA Instruments ranked


in the categories of Company, Products, and Service!

“I can’t think of anything that would improve upon the products and services. TA has one of the best on-line support systems around. The representatives are always pleasant and helpful and the instruments are reliable.”

Customer Testimonials

“The major benefit of working with TA Instruments is access to top-notch instruments, applications staff, and a sales/support team that works collaboratively with scientists and educators to ensure research success.”

– Gaurav N. Sant, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles


“As a young assistant professor, stretching your startup package as far as possible is essential to the success of your group. The Academic Matching Grant Program at TA Instruments has provided me a remarkable advantage for getting my laboratory equipped with the cutting-edge technology that is necessary to make new discoveries in research today. This novel program is a highly valued asset that is making a real difference by helping promote the next generation of problem solvers.”

– Travis W. Walker, Oregon State University


“TA Instruments has provided my lab with a rheometer through the Distinguished Young Rheologists program when I first started as a new junior faculty. This rheometer has enabled us to collect quality preliminary data, which further led to the award of a major federal research grant. Also, the rheometer has been instrumental in our public engagement projects like 3D printing chocolates and engineering reduced sugar ice cream. My students and I have many interactions with the TA team throughout the years. They are always professional, responsive, and have gone out of the way to make sure that we and the instruments are well taken care of.”

– Anson Ma, Ph.D., University of Connecticut


““The thermal analysis lab at the U of Connecticut uses TA Instruments exclusively. We have a full set of thermal equipment including 2 DSCs, 2 TGAs, a DMA, a TMA, and a SDT. We have been using the current set for at least 5 and in some cases as long as 20 years or more with very few issues. The instruments provide excellent sensitivity, stable baselines, and reproducible results even with heavy usage from multiple users. There is no need for tedious baseline subtractions or de-smearing routines to collect high quality data. All instruments are very operator-friendly and easy to maintain no matter the level of experience. The analysis software is outstanding and once again, very easy to use. Technical support is very responsive with on-site as well as on-line and telephone trouble-shooting.”

– Laura Pinatti, Research Assistant – Industrial Affiliates Program, University of Connecticut

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